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1999 Argentina “Allborde”, Australia “Core”, “Manly Surf Journal”, “The Glide”, Brazil “Boardsports Observer”, “Espirito Surf”, “Resgate”, “Surf City”, “Top Surf”, Chile “Demolicion”, Europe (France) “Surf Europe” in 4 different languages currently producing in 5 languages, Germany “Surf n Beach”, Hawaii “High Surf Advisory”, Indonesia “Surf Time” still in production, NZ “New Zealand Longboarder”, Puerto Rico “Low Pressue”, South Africa “Saltwater Girl”, Spain “Surf Prest”, “Surfari”, UK “Malibu”, USA “Automatic”, “Happy” formerly “Beach Happy” and now “Bliss” still in production, “North Coast Surf Press”, North East Surf News”, “Skim”, “Surf News”, “Transworld Surf” still in production, Venezuela “Extremo” still in production. 2014 Japan “Core Surf Japan”, USA “Santa Cruz Waves”, Australia “Sunshine Surf Girls”. This was produced by John Cross but only lasted two issues. Through our partnership with the Star Surf Camps no other surf tour operator holds as much surf knowledge as we do, and we’re here to share that with you. Together with a dedicated team of freelance and regular writers we aim to bring you fresh perspectives and inspiration for a lifetime of surfing. 1976 Australia starts up “Sunshine Fluid” and “Surf”, France “Surf Roll Skate”, Japan their version of “Surfing World”, South Africa “Down the Line” and USA “The California Wave” & “Easy Times”. Surfing Life has been the premier Australian source of all things surfing since 1985. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. 1994 Australia “Australian Surfer”, “Surf Secrets”, “Underground Surf”, Brazil “Journal Paulista de Surf”, France “Surfers Journal” French version still in production and “Trip Surf”, Holland “Surf Sport and Style”, Italy “King Surfer”, “Surf News”, Japan “Surfaholic”, Mexico “La Ola Mexicana”, UK “Carve” still in production, USA “Surfwriters Quarterly”. In addition to hardgoods and wetsuits continuing to sell at a record pace it…, Born from water, Hurley was founded in Huntington Beach in 1999 on the principle of empowering and fueling the voice of the next generation. 1990 Australia “Get Wet News”, Brazil “Beach Break”, NZ “Kiwi Surf” still in production, Spain “Marejada” and “Surfer Rule” still in production, USA “FLA Surf” and Florida Surf”. applicationFormSettings: { A tide of excellent reviews on TripAdvisor, articulate surf coaching podcasts on iTunes, features in Outside Magazine, Indagare and The New York Times as well as being included in the NYT’s top 45 places to visit, says a lot about this next generation surf school. It features news, travel articles, interviews with professional surfers and UK riders, surfing tips, beauty and health advice, and articles on fashion. Every issue of Surfer is packed with spectacular award-winning photos, provocative interviews with the leading pros and journeys to the coolest undiscovered surf spots. Also that year Greg Noll produced the “Surfers Annual” and followed this up in 1961 with two more titles known as “Surfing Funnies” and “Cartoons”, while another cartoon publication titled “Ho Dads Beware” produced two issues during 1961 also.

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