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You will see a handy chart explaining how higher ranks affect skills. Here are a few of the best heroes in Assassin’s Creed: Rebellion: 1. Once you have selected a weapon, it’s time to assign a hero to craft it. Three Ways to Increase Brotherhood Level Faster, 3. If the color is green, the success rate is high, but if it’s red, the success rate is low and chances of executing that action would be lower.

In Rush Mode, you don’t have to replay a mission all over again to get rewards. To improve your heroes’ skill success rate in AC: Rebellion, follow these steps: To get a higher success rate in blue skills, you must promote a hero.

Take the best heroes who posses deadly purple skills to deal additional damage to enemies. Each hero has a particular set of actions and skills that appear on a room or above an enemy when you select him.

Tier List. While battling enemies in Assassin’s Creed: Rebellion, you must have noticed that your hero has “lost initiative” when he directly attacks an enemy facing him. But you must fulfill all Rush mode mission requirements to get instant resources. You will have to assign a hero with higher production stats to generate intel faster.

The ceremony room is used to promote your hero to a new rank, which will then upgrade his skills and also boost stats.

The time gauge is shown just below the health gauge.

The game shows a list of locations, including mission and DNA cubes that contain a hero’s fragments. Some are adept in lock-picking and disarming traps, others can sneak up an enemy to eliminate him or hide in plain sight to avoid foes. How to Improve Your Skill’s Success Rate, 7.

These are usually attack skills and have a recharge time measured in ticks.

Support characters have lots of blue skills that can inflict debuffs to enemies or confer buffs to team members. There is a Best Heroes Guide I find to be useful for beginners. A purple skill does not have a certain number of charges and is available again when you confront a new enemy.

Other blue skills confer buffs to increase certain stats such as HP, Dodge, Critical Chance etc. AC: Rebellion’s Combat is based on tapping buttons to complete actions.

Purple colored skills above your opponent are your best bet and they charge up after a few ticks. to craft one.

Each hero also has fits into one of four rarity levels; common, rare, epic, legendary. Welcome pros and casuals to Assassin’s Creed Rebellion tier list and best heroes. Skills with charges have a blue background and have a number above them. Leveling up this room will give a boost to max HP regeneration per minute for all heroes. To equip a weapon, you will have to craft it first. When you build a room, you can promote multiple heroes up to rank 5. Choose stronger heroes who you think would be a perfect fit for a particular scenario. ... Best Shadow Class Hero Your surprise attack should reduce as much health as possible on your first strike, so make sure you select the best skill. 7. Keep upgrading this room to decrease training time. Each room bestows certain benefits to your heroes and the brotherhood. But first, head straight to “Heroes” and then tap a character to open his page. Just tap the training room and tap “+” to select a character. These actions appear before you enter a room.

Finish Story Missions: Story missions grant more XP than side-missions. Higher grade weapon blueprints will be available when you upgrade your Weaponsmith. Last Updated on September 12, 2020 by Anurag Ghosh. Hero stats depend on the hero's class and their level.

Pay Attention to Recommended Power Scores in Each Mission, 2. When a mission recommends two or more roles, you can guess what enemies you will be facing and what the environment or surroundings would be: If the mission recommends disarm and stealth or assassination roles, then you can safely assume that there will be stealth assassination opportunities and traps all around in that particular mission. Skills having a purple background are found above an enemy. You will need materials such as iron ore, tin ore, copper ore etc. You will have to reach brotherhood level 9 to upgrade your training room.

An enemy having his back facing your hero is a good target for a “surprise attack”. On your adventure, you will notice actions having a unique color and success rate (in percentages) above certain objects or enemies. For example, Tariq can wield an axe, whereas Mario Auditore can be equipped with a sword. To reach a new player level, you will have to earn XP. Play Side Missions: Side missions such as loot and standard missions are easy to finish. At Brotherhood level 5, you can craft and equip weapons to your heroes.

It helped me, my account is 32nd lvl atm, soon to be 33rd. They can be filtered by their class and rarity to ease your navigation and narrow results.

Now when you use him in an adventure, the success rate will obviously be a bit higher than before. As explained earlier, blue skills play a vital role in a mission, but there are a limited number of tries or charges and so you must not waste them and use them at the right time. You should use a blue skill carefully because once you use up all charges, you can’t use it for the entire mission. So if the recommended role is only DPS, you can take two DPS heroes and a “Tank” hero to assist them or two DPS with an assassin/stealthy character. You can find recommended roles by tapping a story or side mission and then tapping the role icons on the upper-right corner of a screen. Ask me if you need help, I've finished the main story.

Equip Weapons to Heroes to get Bonuses and boost Power Score, 8. The game lets you collect heroes from the AC universe and build your own team of assassin’s to fight the Templars. Choose the Best Attack Skill for Your Surprise Attacks, 6.

It unlocks at brotherhood level 5. These recommendations are: Power and Role.

Build a Weaponsmith in your HQ if you want to craft better weapons. Your hero takes the first initiative to attack and deals heavy damage to him.

Once you have the specified amount of DNA Fragments you can recruit them by tapping the 'Heroes' icon of the menu at the bottom of the screen. Each hero has several important stats that affect their behavior during a mission. You may end up with only one or two heroes when the mission is over. You can check your brotherhood level on the upper-right corner of the screen. Just tap “Rush” on the mission screen in a Legacy, Standard or Loot mission, spend the same amount of “Intel” and get rewards instantly. Now choose a weapon for your hero. You can build new rooms to train your heroes, craft weapons for them, generate gold and Intel, research to compile codex and regenerate hero HP.

There are three main class of hero in the game; Enforcer, Shadow and Specialist. Once you have obtained the required amount of materials, go to your headquarters and then tap Weaponsmith. If the mission recommends DPS roles, then the villains would be stronger and there would be fewer or no sneak-and-kill opportunities.

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