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Roquefort is a French sheep’s milk cheese and Gorgonzola is Italian and made from cow’s milk. … In those days, the best way to cure cheese was to leave it in a dark cave until it reached maturity. It is a very creamy version that attempts to mimic gorgonzola. ( Log Out /  However, when I go to a convenient local “supermarket” I find different containers labeled as Gorgonzola and Blue Cheese from more than one supplier. One of my favorite ways to eat blue cheese is on a burger with grilled onions. Metal rods are stuck into the cheese during the curing process to ensure that the mold spores grow into small “veins”. Blue cheese is a type of cheese that has Penicillium mold grown on it. Bleu cheese or blue cheese is a category of cheeses that contain spots or stripes of the mold Penicillium.

Bleu cheese or blue cheese is a category of cheeses that contain spots or stripes of the mold Penicillium. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. Cabrales blue cheese is a strong and spicy Spanish blue cheese that comes from the rural town of Asturias. does not allow for the production of these toxins.This is the reason it is considered safe to eat the mold in bleu cheese. Generally they all use penicillium bacteria in the manufacturing process. With Gorgonzola however there are two main types; Gorgonzola Dolce which is the younger and slightly milder cheese.

Although blue cheese and Gorgonzola have similar taste profiles, differences start to become more evident as the cheeses age. Historians believe the bleu cheese was discovered by accident, as cheese was aged in caves that were favorable to various forms of mold. In creating gorgonzola, starting bacteria is added to milk, along with Penicillium glaucum mold . Bruno’s is known as the place “where the locals eat” and for good reason!

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To be certified as true Stilton blue cheese it must be produced within one of the following three counties – Derbyshire, Leicestershire, or Nottinghamshire. 1911 King Ave. W Billings, Montana 59102 – (406) 652-4416 – – Serving pizza and other Italian specialties in Billings since 1987. The gorgonzola has a mild to sharp taste depending on its age, while blue cheese has a sharp and salty flavour. Blue cheese readily melts into sauces. Gorgonzola has greenish blue veined strips on it with crumbly and salty taste. It is aged in a cave for 3-4 months, with metal rods inserted and removed periodically to allow for mold spores to grow into veins. This is far from a comprehensive list and only touches on some of the more popular blue cheeses.

Bleu cheese tends to have a sharper more acidic and generally saltier taste than Gorgonzola. If the cheese is overly yellow or has brown or pink colors, you generally need to discard it. It is one of the oldest blue cheeses and is believed to have been accidentally discovered around 879 AD. How can I tell if the one labeled Gorgonzola is what I am getting and vice-versa. Oxford blue cheese is a British cheese but developed by a French baron surprisingly in Oxfordshire England. Roquefort cheese comes from the south of France, specifically from the caves of Roquefort-sur-Soulzon and is made strictly from Lacaune sheep’s milk. Gorgonzola is a specific type of blue cheese, produced in Northern Italy.While both are extensively used in cooking and with wine and food, gorgonzola has a unique taste and appearance. By chance, one of these cheeses ended up molding one day and someone still ate it. Bleu Cheese is spotted with a blue, blue-grey or blue-green mold that gives it a distinctive appearance. Since this is such a strong cheese it should be used in moderation. This is a very newly developed cheese that came from the Danish attempt to replicate Roquefort blue cheese.

It does share a lot in common with the British Stilton in flavor since it is stronger and spicier than most other blue cheeses.

It’s believed that it was discovered when a kid left his lunch he was eating in a cave to chase after a beautiful girl. This bacteria which is harmless to humans is what gives all of the blue cheeses its distinctive flavor and blue veining. For a long time I was confused about the various blue cheeses. It is a creamier form of blue cheese. The most commonly seen on menus nowadays are Gorgonzola, Feta and Blue cheeses. Both cheeses have a salty taste and a rather pungent smell.

On the other hand, gorgonzola cheese takes 3-6 months to age. Bleu cheese has a sharp and salty taste with a strong smell. Yes, the mold in the Bleu Cheese is perfectly safe to eat. Danish Blue (Danablu) This cheese was created in the early 20 th century by a Danish cheese maker by the name of Marius Boel. Gorgonzola cheese is one of Italy’s great cheeses. Bleu cheese is injected with Penicilliuem glaucum mold and aged for several months in a temperature-controlled environment, such as a cave. In fact, the method for producing blue cheese and Gorgonzola is similar, but while all Gorgonzola is blue cheese, all blue cheese is not Gorgonzola.,
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