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*Rent is a monthly cost based on a standard 1-bedroom apartment in the city. We kick off our Mediterranean tour in… 1. Save a lot of money living in Kaohsiung, which enjoys an overall cost of living 40 percent cheaper than in NYC. Apart from differences in cities, your lifestyle is another large factor to consider when determining the cost of living in China. Make it your home and enjoy paying 66 percent less for groceries and 79 percent less for rent. This list was then cross-referenced with Numbeo’s cost of living index by city. Rents are 91 percent cheaper in Yerevan, and you’ll pay 72 percent less for groceries. A prime city for the technology industry, shopping and upscale restaurants, Hyderabad rolls out a cost of living 73 percent cheaper than New York City. The overall cost of living is 54 percent lower than in NYC, with a purchasing power index that is just 4 percent below the Big Apple. Residential rent runs 92 percent less than in NYC and groceries about 81 percent less. Cancun might be a popular spring break spot, but it’s also one of the cheapest cities to live in the world.

The city has rents that are 83 percent cheaper than in NYC and a cost of living 60 percent lower. For months I frequented typical hole-in-the-wall joints with a meal at a sit-down place here and there until I discovered that I was spending 25% of my monthly income on meals! St. Petersburg is a perfect locale to settle down if you love cultural arts. China is hardly the only place in Asia, the world’s most populous continent, that’s still a decent deal. Listed in order from the lowest cost of living in 2017 so far, here are the five cheapest countries in South and East Asia: An Indian food vendor arranges corn on his stall at a market in Chennai on March 3, 2017. are just three things that make Alexandria a desirable place to set up a residence. Settle down in an apartment that will cost you an average of 88 percent less than in New York City.

Spend your days meandering the picturesque cobblestone streets of Bogotá’s La Candelaria district and dancing nights away in the city’s vibrant clubs. As an expat renting an apartment in China, this is often your largest expense. This major port and shopping paradise has a purchasing power index 27 percent greater than the Big Apple and rents that are 90 percent cheaper. But that’s not all you’ll enjoy on the cheap. Ornate nouveau buildings and Soviet modernist architecture set the stage on the streets of the old city below, where you’ll find plenty of charming cafes, shops and museums to frequent. A move to Chengdu tucks you amid history dating to the 4th century B.C. Street markets and food carts sell a culinary mélange of foods infused with Indian, African and colonial-era influences, and you can get a cheap meal for under $9. In International Living’s Annual Global Retirement Index 2020, we ranked the 24 best retirement havens in the world, where you can live comfortably for less than you can in the U.S. And while all of these destinations are affordable, we have ranked the most cost-effective havens in the “Cost of Living” category of the Index. Surprisingly, this island paradise makes the list of cities with the cheapest cost of living thanks to rents that are 82 percent cheaper than New York City, a 94 percent purchasing power index and 55 percent lower grocery costs. Imagine you can wake up every day to breathtaking views of the Sierra Nevada mountain range framed by medieval architecture. Although expensive, living in these cities affords you the opportunity to enjoy more than just the Chinese culture. Groceries are 61 percent cheaper than in New York City, and rent is 86 percent less expensive. It’s also one of the cheapest cities to live in, with rents that are 96 percent lower than in NYC and an overall cost of living that’s just 24 percent of what you’d pay in the Big Apple. You can live out your tropical island dreams in the capital of the Philippines. see the cheapest places in the world to live in, These Are the World’s Most Expensive Countries to Live In, affordable warm-weather vacation destinations, 11 Cities Where Rent Is Cheap, But Cost of Living Isn’t, These Are the 15 Best Countries to Travel to This Spring, You Can Live Off Less Than $50K in These 31 Cities, 31 DIY Home Projects Under $30 You Need to Try This Spring, A 2020 Voter’s Guide to Big Money Scandals in the Government, Hillary Clinton and 15 Other Celebrities Whose Family Members Nearly Cost Them Everything, Thanks to COVID-19, Holiday Shopping Is Going To Be Really Different This Year, These Celebrities Have Earned the Most on Cameo, Secrets About Dark Money Trump and Biden Don’t Want You To Know, All The Ways the Trumps Have Made Money Over the Past 20 Years, Tiffany Trump’s Wealth Is a Fraction of Ivanka’s and the Other Trump Kids’ Fortunes, See How Much Money Warren Buffett, Dana White and 35 Other CEOs Are Pouring Into the Election. © 2020 Go West Ventures LLC   |  Best-Selling China Travel Guide   |   Contact   |   Affiliate Disclaimer   |   Privacy Policy. Berkeley to the Great Hall of the People in Beijing where I followed Communist. and ultramodern malls, high-rises and even a water park. Everyone loves a vacation to an exotic locale, but have you ever thought of living there? From peasant crafts to an energetic nightlife, Bucharest offers its residents the best of old and new. Cost of living: The cost of living in China can be surprisingly low if you avoid the biggest cities. If relocating to China for work, apart from your salary, be sure to also factor in your company benefits when calculating your cost of living. Presided over by the impressive López Palace, its seat of government, the city won’t cost a king’s ransom to live. Get some of the best China travel tips delivered to your inbox. Where you live will have a significant impact on your projected budget needs. Stroll the sands of the Golden Mile anytime you choose when you set up residence in Durban, or head out into the water to surf the waves. Santa Cruz de Tenerife is also considered one of the top vacation spots for retirees. Presided over by the impressive López Palace, its seat of government, the city won’t cost a king’s ransom to live. More than 8.7 million people call the city of Baghdad home, making it the largest city in the nation.

Bulgaria’s capital, Sofia, might be one of the cheapest cities in the world to live with a cost of living 57 percent cheaper than NYC, but it’s a cultural gold mine. It ranks third on GOBankingRates’ list of the cheapest cities to live due in part to its uber-cheap rents, which are 93 percent lower than in the Big Apple.

(ARUN... [+] SANKAR/AFP/Getty Images), (Vietnam, often rated by tourists as a good bargain, incidentally ranks as the sixth cheapest country in Asia and No. Some of the world’s cheapest cities are also some of the most beautiful, serving up charming cafes, stunning scenery and top-notch technology along with budget-friendly living.

China is a massive country, so it’s practically impossible to definitively answer this question for every city or situation. Access to excellent international foods and Western restaurants; Advanced infrastructure with extensive public transportation.

The rankings cover everything from population, to economy to infrastructure, with Tier 1 being the best. will you invest in a good pollution mask or air purifier? The birthplace of Mother Teresa, Skopje makes it affordable to explore for years on end with rents 91 percent lower than you’d pay in New York City and food costs that are 69 percent cheaper. Take a cable car to the top of Mount Vodno from Skopje and hike caves and monasteries, or explore the old-world city charm dating back centuries. All Right Reserved.

South Korea. Rents are 86 percent cheaper than in NYC, and you can snip 68 percent off your grocery budget. Tucked along the shore of the Red Sea, the port city of Jiddah roles out resident experiences ranging from a stroll on the art-lined seaside promenade and trips to busy bazaars, where you can enjoy local purchasing power 13 percent higher than New York City.

Guadalajara is famous for its tequila and mariachi music as well as inspiring old-world architecture. Known as the “Center of Learning,” Baghdad has many cultural attractions to visit in your off-time. © 2020 GOBankingRates. Take a walk through architectural history stretching back to the 6th century when you live in Istanbul. Live the cosmopolitan lifestyle on the cheap when you set up your home base in Lahore. Ukraine’s capital city, Kiev, is known for its gold-domed churches, but you don’t need a lot of gold to live there. The most expensive is Bermuda with a cost of living index score of 146.19. Pay 90 percent lower rent and 72 percent less for groceries when you live in this city. Enjoy life in a tropical climate with all the benefits of a cosmopolitan commerce center when you make a move to Santa Cruz de la Sierra.

And with a cost of living that is 54 percent cheaper overall than in New York City, you’ll be able to spend time enjoying them. The now-residents cite outdoor beauty, a vibrant nightlife and fairly mild climate among the reasons they favor the city. Pretoria’s rents are 84 percent cheaper than in NYC, and its overall cost of living is 47 percent lower.

The Bangladeshi capital of Dhaka not only makes a picturesque place to live — it’s also one of the cheapest cities in the world to live. Pune tops GOBankingRates’ list of cheapest cities in the world to live with the best all-around low-cost livability score. Your monthly budget will go about 62 percent further in Mexico City, with rents averaging 82 percent lower than in NYC and groceries costing just 35 percent of what you’d pay in the Big Apple. You could also move inland to a small town and live on less than US$500 per month. As an expat, traveler, or tourist, you may have wondered: What is the cost of living in China in 2020?

Travel China the smart way! Stroll streets rich in grand Soviet-era architecture, or pore through ancient manuscripts at the Matenadaran Library — Yerevan is one of the cheapest cities to live in with lots to do. Its inexpensive cost of living — 66 percent lower than NYC — includes rents that are 90 percent lower, leaving you plenty of money to savor the region’s ambiance. Click through to see the cheapest places in the world to live in.

Find Out: 11 Cities Where Rent Is Cheap, But Cost of Living Isn’t. Rents run 93 percent cheaper than in NYC. Countries with low costs of living tend to be relatively poor ones where demand is naturally lower and where crops typically grow without sustained weather damage. Your email address will not be published. Nestled at the foot of dramatic towering mountains, the business and industrial center of Monterrey rolls out a lifestyle that includes both cosmopolitan and nature-oriented pursuits. Kharkiv is Ukraine’s center of technology, education, science and transport, making it one of the best places to live in the country. ), As a news reporter I have covered some of everything since 1988, from my alma mater U.C. Upgrade your decor in an afternoon with these DIY projects. More recently, I’ve studied high-tech trends in greater China and expanded my overall news coverage to surrounding Asia. 37 in the world. Eating out appears incredibly affordable, but it can add-up if done in excess. However, it enjoys an overall cost of living 74 percent cheaper than in NYC, including rents that are 95 percent less.

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