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I was late to reading True Mother’s memoir. These sacrificial emissaries of True Parents hold a special place in their hearts; consequently, the book with that same name has now moved to the top of my reading list. I put it off. Moon is the co-founder of the Family Federation for World Peace and Unification church which has been […]

Pointing the finger, looking only at the “speck of sawdust in your brother’s eye” (Matthew 7:3 NIV) prevents us from seeing that peace starts within each one of us. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Whirlwind testimonies included one anecdote that was particularly moving: Mother’s recounting of the blessing ceremony in South Africa with Prophet Radebe battling it out in the rain reminiscent of Yankee Stadium 40 years prior. True Mother’s reaction as she stood at the Door of No Return on Gorée was a visceral feeling of grief, “As I stood at that door, I could hear the cries of countless Africans taken against their will.” (see photo p. 295) I can think of no continent more deserving of True Mother’s love than Africa. For the first time, I am opening up a window into my life. Along with her husband, the Reverend Sun Myung Moon, she has worked with heads of state, Nobel prize winners, religious leaders, and men and women of the arts to create a world of God's ideal.
(p. 355), As the world is caught up in a pandemic, True Mother’s words provide comfort: “I stay awake at night with the heart to cover all the world’s children with blankets while they sleep.” (p. 346) Her story’s greatest impartment to me is that I wish to face the world in a more loving manner, whether the world is the world of nature, of family, of friends and neighbors, or of far-off lands that I can only hold in my prayers.♦. However, True Mother emphasizes the positive when she speaks of making decisions with Father at the prison (and driving away hiding her tears): “I had long pondered if and when women would fulfill their role as perfected human beings, as fully co-creative and significant members of society, and especially as daughters of God. It was one of the great visions and dreams of the late Rev. It’s undoubtedly true that the foundation European missionaries laid set the stage for what was to be the boldest part of True Parent’s efforts and plans to bring the ideal of Unification to the world. When I finally dove in, a few themes struck a reverberant chord: True Mother’s understanding of herself as a historical person, God’s healing power of love and forgiveness, and the singular purpose of the messianic mission. She returned to Korea as a founding member of the Universal Ballet in 1984. Julia Moon has been serving as Director General of the Universal Ballet since 1996 and is Vice Chairwoman of the Sun Hak Educational Foundation, responsible for the administration of Sun Hwa Arts Middle and High Schools and five other schools in Seoul, as well as Co-Artistic Director of the Kirov Academy of Ballet of Washington, D.C., and of the Universal Ballet Academy in Seoul. (p. 103), Ultimately, what is so impressive is Mother’s knowledge of herself as a historical figure (that we could all have similar insights about who we are and our place in history). I’m sure many wives or mothers can relate to how she describes Father’s imprisonment as her own imprisonment. Her message on both these occasions connected women's responsibility in the quest for world peace with the deepest elements of human existence: the heart of God, the suffering of humanity, and the meaning of human history.

…By God’s hand, this Mother, who prays and longs for God’s Blessing for all 7.7 billion people on earth, can now advance peace widely.” (p. 112). All Rights Reserved. As an organization of women, we adhere to the principle that by working together, taking initiative, and empowering one another across traditional lines of race, culture, and religion we can create healthy families and resolve the complex problems of our societies and world. Moon is a certified yoga instructor with Yoga Alliance and certified aerial yoga instructor with Om Factory. I have walked this exhausting life course silently as one called to bring the human family together as the Mother of peace, to heal our suffering planet as the Mother of the universe, and to bring joy to our Heavenly Parent as His Only Begotten Daughter.” (p. 158), Personal letters and communications with foreign missionaries and even her own children are found in the middle third of the book. Conversely, the most painful part for me to read about was True Father’s imprisonment in Danbury, Connecticut. To me, this was the most uplifting aspect of the memoir. If you study the picture of her as a young wife — she may be about 17 years of age — behind her youthful expression one can observe a steely resolve. Her passion is to empower women and men of all ages, races and religions in peacebuilding based on Leadership of the Heart. She is an educator, motivational speaker, writer and Ambassador for Peace. Rally of Hope for the Realization of a Heavenly Unified World November 22, 2020 Join the Rally Rev. Moon was known as a complex and controversial religious and spiritual leader who led an energetic and unorthodox new religion but was also an early champion of … And that first obstacle could be the moniker True Mother adopts as Only Begotten Daughter (chapter 2). When I finally dove in, a few themes struck a reverberant chord: … Reading the memoir, Mother of Peace by Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon, became for me a contemplative personal reflection of the labyrinth-like journey of the Unification Church and its metamorphosis into Heavenly Parent’s Holy Community. Many years ago a friend remarked to me: “Mother must have a deep understanding of who Father is.” Well, through this writing the reader can see that she also has a deep understanding of who she is. Sun Myung Moon and Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon. My husband and I together concluded that it was time for the liberation of all women….” (p. 159). In 1989, she became the first Asian to appear as a guest principal with the Kirov Ballet in St. Petersburg, dancing the lead role in Giselle, and returning to appear in lead roles in 1992 and 1995. While in the business world they have coined the term for women’s advancement as breaking the “glass ceiling,” this Completed Testament understanding of a woman’s self-actualization sets a new precedent (as well as raising the bar). In July of 1993, she was the first Korean woman to address a meeting of United States Senators and Congressmen on Capitol Hill. She has worked with government officials; held the position of editor in chief of two magazines, the German-language Neue Hoffnung and Today’s World; and taught at an elementary school in Maryland. In particular, I did not fully realize how dangerous their work behind the Iron Curtain, code-named “Mission Butterfly,” was, especially in Czechoslovakia. In 2001, she founded the Prayer in Action Ministry and in 2003 the Interfaith Prayer and Fellowship Ministry in Washington, D.C. Based on racial and religious reconciliation work in the United States, Africa and the Middle East, in 2004 the Interreligious and International Peace Council bestowed on Mrs. Selle the Crown of Peace Award for “Exemplary Leadership in Reconciliation and Peacemaking” in a ceremony at the Dirksen Senate Office Building in Washington, D.C.

Required fields are marked *. I was moved by True Mother’s anecdotal retelling of her early life in the first four chapters. — Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon, October 2012 In her lifetime, together with her husband, Mother Moon has established over 100 organizations to move the world toward world peace through a diverse array of private businesses, non-profit organizations, schools, and awards.
Seeds were scattered far and wide, on fallow and fertile fields alike from Jardim to Cambodia. Nowadays, it seems that the spirits of the departed hover nearby at such memorial sites. Dr. Sun Jin Moon was born as the fifth daughter of WFWP Founders, Rev. Eileen Williams joined the Unification Church in Wilmington, Delaware in 1973. For thousands of years history has seen the continuous increase of divisions. Father going to prison for more than a year on trumped-up tax charges that could easily have been resolved — really America?! Since 2010 she has been serving as president of WFWP USA. Her late husband Sun Myung Moon was the founder of the Unification movement, also called the Unification Church (UC).Han and Moon were married in April 1960 and have 10 living children and over 30 grandchildren. Eileen taught high school for several years including at the Bridgeport International Academy. When we speak of language that crosses the cultural divide between East and West, past and present, there can be obstacles to understanding.

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