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These grills and grill accessories offer a unique alternative to more traditional barbecue grills, from the visionary mind of award winning chef Heston Blumenthal but are they right for you? A barbecue is the kind of product that is built to last; when you find a good one you won’t need to go barbecue shopping again for another 5-15 years! The Weber Genesis II E-310 has received a Kagoo Score of 75, however the Everdure FURNACE 3 scored only 62. Warming racks are helpful, since they mean food won't go cold while it's waiting to be served up. Site Map. 5. The Weber Spirit Classic E-310 is a three burner/cooking zone barbecue, whereas the Everdure FORCE 2 only has two burners/cooking zones. There does tend to be some overlap in larger sizes so you should be able to find an electric or gas BBQ of your size and style preference. If you’re looking for an electric bbq, the Weber Pulse 2000 should be your first pick. If you have regular parties, then a larger model is the way to go. If you’re looking for a stylish gas grill that can do it all, this one is worthy of your consideration. It comes with interchangeable grills and grill-plates so you can cook in a range of styles. We hope you’ve found this brief introduction to Everdure by Heston Blumenthal to be helpful. This one cooks for around four to six people at a time, so it’s perfect for taking camping or on a driving trip. It has most of the features of the larger Q2000; it handles both grilling and convection cooking well, and fat and grease are funnelled away from the burner into a drip tray to reduce smoke and the chance of flare-ups. If you download Weber’s app, you can have the information sent directly to your phone so you can monitor your roast while you’re out of the room. CHOICE Expert Rating . Aussie BBQ Forum - The biggest BBQ site in Australia, Post ↳   FOOD (INGREDIENTS, MEATS, SAUCES) SUPPLIERS. These pieces are built with the same high standards to ensure you get the most out of your grilling experience. You’ll still get great performance from this grills’ two burners end efficient design albeit with a smaller footprint. A little outside the mix and for those looking to do more in their BBQ’n then I my recommendation would be to check out the range of Small to Medium size Pellet Grills available in Australia, with Brands like Treaeger and Green Mountain Grill offering some great products that you can Grill, Bake, Smoke, Braise and so much more. Gone are the days were we limited choice in the Gas portable BBQ market. by Captain Cook » Thu Apr 12, 2012 9:08 am, Users browsing this forum: No registered users and 1 guest. Check out this helpful guide we’ve put together to help you decide.

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