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When buying guppy fish food, be sure to read the ingredient list and ensure that it contains most of the following ingredients: Whole Fish – It gives fish the most usable protein and contains all of the essential fatty oils that are important for fish health. AFC was designed and made with fish keepers like you and me in mind. If you opt for this fry food, make sure you only give it to your fry in tiny amounts because it can contaminate your tank water very quickly if it’s not eaten immediately. With all-natural preservatives, no artificial preservatives, colors, or flavors, this high-quality flake food if perfect for your marine and freshwater fish. Fish at all water levels will be able to enjoy these slow sinking pellets. Rich in protein, these semi-floating granules do not cloud your tank water. There are even companies that sell different types of guppy food for different types of fish. On the other hand, if some of the food is going uneaten and sinks to the bottom of your tank, you are probably overfeeding your guppies. Tropical Micro Pellets offer an ultimate blend of carefully selected proteins, including many beneficial algae. If you are conditioning your guppies, freeze-dried tubifex worms make an excellent treat once a week.

If you don’t separate the fry from the adults, the adults very likely will eat the babies.
Some of the most popular fry foods are: Another fry-friendly food is egg yolk paste.

This product is extremely beneficial for the health of guppies that have to endure many different kinds of stressors in their daily lives. The flakes come in a container which makes it easy to deploy in your aquarium without spilling.

The small pellets act like a sponge and absorb water, making the texture soft without completely dissolving. This high-quality guppy food is a tiny granule food that is super easy for guppies to eat and digest.

Since some flakes can be a bit large, they can be easily crushed if you want to feed smaller fish in the process. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Using your blender, blend them all together. Vegetables are actually good for your guppies.

Made in the USA.

We’re always learning, figuring stuff out, taking advantage of the enormous smarts of our friends and our on-line community, and trying to give some of that back in turn. Plus, leftover food can end up contaminating your tank’s water.

Because guppies breed quickly, and they are livebearers, they need to eat nutritious foods. Because fish flakes are large, they won’t easily clog your filter. My name is Michele Taylor, and I am a homeschool mother of six children, which includes five boys and one girl.

When the blend has dried completely, you can crush it into small bits and store it in an airtight container or a resealable bag. Often in different colors, fish flakes are great for top swimmers and don’t easily clog your system. You can store your blended vegetables in a sealed bag and place it in the freezer. I'll be choosing lots of good colours with a good mix of males and then lots of females. If your guppies develop full and puffy stomachs, you might consider skipping the next feeding and reduce the amount you are giving them with each feeding.

Spirulina tablets contain natural carotenoid pigments, which will enhance your fish’s natural colors.

How many guppies do you have? Your larger fish can enjoy it whole, while smaller fish will be able to pick it apart. and 1 lb. It comes in bubble wrap and ships in a rigid box so that it is protected during the shipping process (although a few small flakes may still settle). You can very easily make homemade vegetable flake food with the following ingredients: You can use both fresh and frozen vegetables. Each container is at 2.2 ounces but you can also order other sizes which are available.

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