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At the highest dosage of 6 g/kg, 100, 95 and 89 % adult weevil mortality was achieved in CLH103, CMS8501 and SHABA, respectively, within 14 days of exposure. No alive insects were recorded after 4 months of maize storage, while with the highest content of 6 g/kg, 15 alive weevils were registered in SHABA variety. A mould then develops on the cadaver and fresh conidia are produced. All tested concentrations completely suppressed the population increase of the weevil, had no damaged grains and recorded no weight loss. In addition, the inhibition of S. zeamais progeny emergence and maize grain damage as a result of treatment with NeemPro® was probably due to the huge array of azadirachtin activities on the insect’s hormone system. I then formulated powdered kaolin clay as an effective carrier for the B. bassiana conidia.”.

The moisture content of the grains was 11.30, 11.50 and 13.20 for CLH103, CMS8501 and SHABA, respectively. Data on percentage of mortality, production of F1 progeny, seed damage and seed germination were firstly arcsine-transformed [square root (x/100)]. * Due to observation of no spoilt kernels for maize blended with grain amaranth on barrel walls, more research should be done to quantify the observations. The authors declare that they have no competing interests.

The farmers applied various control methods, with sun-drying being the most popular practice.

From the last experiment, we found out that physical disturbance resulted in 81% weevil mortality.

The Maize weevil will breed on maize in the field, but the Rice weevil only breeds in stored grain.

Saeed was intrigued by the potential of using B. bassiana to tackle maize weevils in grain storage facilities, in particular, for small-scale African farmers. Throne JE. Influence of azadirachtin, on insect nutrition and reproduction. The rice and maize weevils are similar to the granary weevil in appearance and behavior. From the dosages of 1.5 g/kg in CLH103 and 3 g/kg in CMS8501, the populations of the weevil were completely suppressed as in Malagrain. [3] where 30 undamaged grains of each maize variety seed in each jar were randomly selected. These tests will help determine if the proposed methods are feasible.

Maize weevil, Sitophilus zeamais; another view of the four (very) faint, reddish spots at the corner of the wing case. In the same vein, Nukenine et al. Resultant data was subjected to analysis of variance. * Investigate the effect of physical disturbance using larger storage containers.

The adults were removed after 2 weeks and the grains were kept under ambient laboratory conditions [temperature (T) = 21.9–24.4 °C and relative humidity (RH) = 75.3–78 %] for the development of progenies. Conversely, maize experiences post-harvest losses (PHLS) especially from the maize weevil (Sitophilus zeamais), which if minimized, could help to reduce the number of hungry people in the world that is about 870 million people and majority (850 million people) being in developing countries. Usage of pesticides was minimal, mainly due to high costs, lack of information, and unavailability of appropriate and effective products. The kaolin increases the efficacy of the B. bassiana at killing maize weevils by preventing the conidia from clumping during formulation and application.

Previous studies had confirmed effectiveness of ground powder derived from these plants in control of maize weevil in western Kenya (Ogendo et al., 2004a, Ogendo et al., 2004b). This experiment may lead to hermetic and maize-amaranth mixture methods being used together by smallholder farmers to eliminate and/or mimimize weevils while experiencing no mold maize in metallic storage containers. NeemPro® relatively killed all the exposed weevils at 6 g/kg within 14 days with LC50 of 0.04, 0.07 and 0.11 g/kg in CLH103, CMS8501 and SHABA varieties, respectively, as observed in Malagrain. Email Mohamed Saeed at [email protected].

Sitophilus zeamais (Maize Weevil) Each of these species varies considerably in size but has a distinctive elongated snout which is adapted to the size of its preferred grain. Each treatment was repeated four times. The reason of using three varieties was that a product may protect a variety more than others. Previous studies had confirmed effectiveness of ground powder derived from these plants in control of maize weevil in western Kenya (Ogendo et al., 2004a, Ogendo et al., 2004b). Hermetic storage is the best among the researched methods to effectively control the maize weevils, followed by physical disturbance and then maize-amaranth mixture. In developing countries, population growth is expected to occur with increasing food demand. Murugan K, Senthil KV, Jeyabalan D, Babu R, Senthil NS, Sivaramakrishnan S. Interactive effect of neem products on the control of pulse beetle, Callosobruchus maculatus (F). Additionally, it protects stored grains of the three varieties for 4 months without affecting the seed germination power.

Twenty adults were released into ten glass jars (900 ml capacity) containing 500 g of conditioned grains each. FAQ |

Cherry AJ, Bantino A, Djegui D, Lomers C. Suppression of the stem borer Sesamia calamistis (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae) in maize following seed dressing, topical application and stem injection with African isolates of Beauveria bassiana. Finney DJ. Use of resistant varieties is the best approach to overcoming the problems of synthetic insecticides in weevil control.

covers literature review about maize, maize weevil, factors affecting maize storage, storage methods, hermetic storage, amaranth as a grain that is postulated to reduce maize weevil movement if blended with maize kernels during storage and physical disturbance of storage containers as method to control maize weevils. Adults aged 7–14 days and mixed sexes were used for all bioassays. Treatments completely hindered or significantly reduced progeny emergence, percentage grain damage, grain weight losses, but did not affect grain germination after 4 months of storage.

as control treatment. CAS 

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