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Construction began in 1982, required seven years, and cost $500 million. “You need sufficient ventilation, to keep locomotives from overheating” in a 14.7-kilometer (9.1-mile), In the early 1980s, Canadian Pacific Railway (CPR) sought to build, a tunnel in the Canadian Rocky Mountains for trains on its Calgary-, to-Vancouver line. The tunnel was inaugurated last week. The Mount. Ventilation was critical because the tunnel would be used by freight, trains with as many as six diesel locomotives.

The Mount Macdonald Tunnel route opened for revenue traffic thirty years ago today.

The project included 10.5 miles of new roadbed grade, six bridges totaling over a mile in length, and two tunnels. Fans and gates are used to purge noxious diesel locomotive exhaust and cool the air as trains pass through the new Mount MacDonald tunnel in British Columbia. CPR built its original main line through Rogers Pass in 1885. Dividing the motive power eases the strain on the couplings of the leading cars since they do not have to pull all 110 cars in the train. Meanwhile, fans in the western part of the airshaft operate to pull air in from the western opening. The entire tunnel is lined with concrete so the walls will be smooth to promote airflow. One of the most formidable obstacles faced by the Canadian Pacific Railway was the Selkirk mountain range in British Columbia. When the end of the train is past the midpoint, the door there closes while the eastern one opens. This tunnel is the first installation in North America of a concrete roadbed called “Pact-Track” that eliminates wooden ties and rock ballast, greatly reducing maintenance costs.

ventilation system for mount macdonald tunnel. formerly two-way Connaught Tunnel would serve eastbound trains. When a train enters the tunnel, the door at the tunnel's midpoint is closed. TimesMachine is an exclusive benefit for home delivery and digital subscribers. This project has reduced the westbound ruling grade to 1%, eliminating the need for pusher locomotives. I think this violates the Terms of Service. See the article in its original context from. that effectively doubled the capacity of the tunnel. CIRCULATING AIR IN A RAIL TUNNEL. To preserve these articles as they originally appeared, The Times does not alter, edit or update them. ''The actual fan ventilation is about 50 percent of the piston action,'' Mr. Levy said. It was the railroad’s most ambitious undertaking since completion of its original transcontinental rail line a century earlier. Too little air would allow the locomotives to overheat, he said, but too much would become a wind that could actually slow the heavily laden ore trains. ''So you need sufficient vehtilation to keep all the locomotives from overheating.''. The lack of a forced ventilation system has caused occasional overheating of locomotives. Above the midtunnel gate, an airshaft 28 feet in diameter was bored 1,150 feet to the surface of the mountain. ''You could go to any length with diesel power, 50 miles if you wanted, as long as you could ventilate the tunnel,'' said Louis Cerny, executive director of the engineering division of the Association of American Railroads. After the train passes the central shaft, the center gate is closed (3). main ventilation building at the surface. CP Rail's Mount Macdonald tunnel under the Selkirk Mountains is so long because of the tunnel's innovative ventilation system. At just over nine miles, it is the longest railway tunnel in the western hemisphere. On heavy ore trains, CP hooks three locomotives to the front and two or three more engines - called remotes - to the middle of the train. A ventilation shaft that rises to the summit of Rogers Pass is powered by four 1.68-megawatt fans. As the lead locomotive nears the midpoint, the gate there opens, and the eastern one is closed. Are you sure you wish to delete this message from the message archives of BUSINESS TECHNOLOGY; Overcoming Limits to Rail Tunnels. An overheating locomotive can suffer severe internal damage, so devices shift them into neutral if their intake air temperature reaches about 120 degrees, said Ron Tanaka, CP Rail's chief engineer for the Rogers Pass project. Experts in railroad construction say that CP Rail's new 9.1-mile tunnel under the mountains of British Columbia has proved that there are few limits to how long a railroad tunnel can be. The gates are an important part of the cooling process, Mr. Levy said, because they increase the ''piston effect'' of the train in the tunnel. And a 3,200-horsepower locomotive emits plenty of heat. So the railroad, and its engineering consultant for this phase of the project, Parsons Brinkerhoff Quade & Douglas Inc. of New York, decided to divide the tunnel in half for ventilation purposes, with gates at the eastern entrance and at the midpoint. According to Mr. Levy's calculations, each engine throws off almost 280,000 British thermal units of heat energy every minute. The Mount Macdonald Tunnel was intended to expand the capacity.

Eastbound trains will use another tunnel. Maintenance. Macdonald Tunnel was planned to serve westbound trains, while the. The tunnel was originally double-tracked, but in 1958 it was converted to a single track down the center to accommodate taller loads. The Mount Macdonald Tunnel route opened for revenue traffic thirty years ago today. Moreover, the ventilation system, supplies the tunnel with enough fresh air to feed the locomotives, with oxygen and cool their engines.

The ventilation system devised by the firm allowed the tunnel, to receive trains every 35 minutes. The tunnel was built under two contracts. The 14.7-kilometer (9.1-mile) tunnel passes through Mount Macdonald, and Mount Cheops in the Selkirk Mountains of British Columbia and, also passes under the Trans-Canada Highway and the Connaught, rail tunnel. The fans on the eastern half of the airshaft blow down into that section of the tunnel, purging exhaust out the east portal. Occasionally the digitization process introduces transcription errors or other problems; we are continuing to work to improve these archived versions. Mr. Levy said Parsons Brinkerhoff, which helped design the New York subways early in this century, adapted computer simulations developed for underground transit systems to determine the proper airflow for the Mount Macdonald tunnel.

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