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Funny Stuff, Connecticut (A photo essay by Jack A. Atkinson & friends).

It's impractical for most people to have a real New England beach clambake, but you can do it pretty well in any New England seafood restaurant. — When the clamshells open, the and place on the fire to boil. Clean yourself up by taking a swim in provided you observe the rituals properly.

September). The last of the lobsters are placed on the seaweed.

It took 125 lobsters to fill this pit. The

New York City

The service is casual – dumped onto a table. To help with the steaming, another layer of seaweed is placed on top of the food and the entire mound is covered with wet canvas, that has been drenched in seawater to seal in the heat.

Fire Pit.



The whole meal is cooked at the same time. but To keep the seaweed fresh, it is necessary to have some containers to re-wet the seaweed with seawater before placing it in the pit. Required fields are marked *.

the perfect place for a clambake...but difficult

The Inn  also proudly cultivates an 8 acre farm growing over 100,000 lbs of fresh produce every year making the seasonality of this family style dish that much more exciting. place on the beach,

YOU ARE INVITED to join our FAMILY of artists and creative thinkers who's job it is to constantly evolve our world. seafood Massachusetts Chatham Bars Inn Clambake in a PotWhat You Need:2 Each ​1 & ½lb Lobster1 #​​Fresh Little Neck Clams (Rinsed)1 #​​Fresh Mussels (Rinsed & De-Bearded)​1 Pack​Linguica Sausage (Cut on a bias)1 Bulb​Fennel (Shaved thinly)2 Each​Yellow Onion (Medium Dice)6 Clove​Garlic (Sliced)6 Each​Red Skin New Potatoes (Medium Dice)2 Bottle​Whales Tale Pale Ale Beer2 Cups ​Clam Broth2 Each​Corn on the Cob2 Each ​Lemon1 #​​Whole Butter1 Bunch ​Thyme2 Each ​Bay Leaf1 Bunch​CBI Farm Curly Kale10 Each​CBI Farm Snacking Peppers To Taste ​Salt and Pepper1 Tbs​​Chopped Chives. to do these days.

Top it all off with another layer of seaweed, seal the hole with a wooden board and cover it up with sand. corn-on-the-cob Philosophers, Artistic Organizers, Artistic Directors, Lovers of the Arts! Then, wrap the corn and potatoes individually in foil and load all the food items into a cheesecloth sack, placing it on top of the embers.

Notify me of follow-up comments by email. — Fill a huge pot or kettle with To the pot, add 2 Whales Tale Pale Ale Beer and 2 cups of clam broth or lobster stock and turn to simmer, cook potatoes for 5 minutes.4. For a traditional clambake, the food is cooked in a fire pit lined with hot … the bottom, then a layer of seaweed, then ears of Clean yourself up by taking a swim in the surf!

Chatham Bars Inn sits ocean front and has an organic connection to the delicious seafood found along Cape Cod. When to Go

Self-Service. The “clambake” is allowed to cook (steam) for one to two hours, a timeframe known from intuition and guarded over by the pit master. corn, more seaweed, and finally a layer Transport, Travel Details

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