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If you have a willingness and inclination to think out of the box, this gin challenges you. There might be argument to say that many gins have similar roots, with botanicals from around the globe, but the main theme here is one of the ancient spice routes from the Orient. The Opihr bottle is genuinely one of the most gorgeous gin bottles I’ve ever seen. Even the word Oriental, hints at a simpler time when all of Asia’s vast bounty (and parts of baltic/…

In our Bombay Sapphire gin review we find a gin that’s like a welcome old friend coming to stay (wearing a very nice coat that you’d like to own). Following on from this is a large burst of aroma from the coriander, muddled in with more spice from the cumin and a slight hint of citrus from the orange and grapefruit. At first, it’s dry coriander and cardamom, then the juniper/gin note, finally the finish is peppery with black pepper, cubeb and coriander. My take is that it’s just not compatible with some people’s tastes buds, just like brussel sprouts.... I’m clearly in the dislike camp. Opihr Gin is available from Master of Malt, Amazon and all good gin shops. This is one of my favourite gins. These are interesting spices, but ones that I don’t find as wanted in my G&T. Our Opihr Gin review finds an unashamedly spiced gin with flavours of the Orient. It’s distilled in traditional copper stills in Warrington, England. “Opihr” seems a play on the place name Ophir, a place of legendary untold wealth in the bible. We mix it with sparkling coconut water. From the reviews it’s clearly it’s a love it or hate it gin. This gin is not for the faint-hearted, boasting a fiercely spicy flavour that no other gin I’ve tried has even come close to. The spices are so loud, that they can take over cocktails. Opihr Gin is a stablemate of Greenall’s Gin and Thomas Dakin Gin, amongst others. It may not be surprising to hear this, but mixed, shaken or stirred, Opihr Oriental Spice Gin is a bit of a bomb. This has been styled in a way that is reminiscent of Indian mehndi designs – further exaggerating their connection to India and the spice route. Pages and posts on may contain affiliate links.

And it’s even less my bag with lemon or lime. As gin bottle geeks, we like the map that you can see through the bottle, and the colourful tassel you can see in the picture above.

The eye is instantly drawn to it on any supermarket shelf, making it almost impossible not to pick up. No member photos or videos have been added yet.+ Add a Photo. In our experience, nothing … I first tried Opihr Gin (pronounced “o-peer”) in a craft beer and gin bar in Edinburgh called the Hanging Bat, as one of five gins included in their famous pick-your-own gin flights. It’ll work really well with other strong flavours, but not where a bit more subtlety is required. The spices are so prominent in this gin that it could definitely be debated as to whether Opihr actually meets the requirements for a gin to be dominated by juniper. […], Our Brockmans Gin review finds a dark, brooding bottle housing a unique gin. I first tried Opihr Gin (pronounced “o-peer”) in a craft beer and gin bar in Edinburgh called the Hanging Bat, as one of five gins included in their famous pick-your-own gin flights. Opihr is really attractively packaged and majors on its oriental theme. This gin has a long finish, intensely peppery from the cubeb berries and peppercorns, with a slight hint from the juniper finally coming through here. They just don’t seem to go. Of the 5 I sampled that day, Opihr stood leaps and bounds above the rest, and has since become a firm favourite, not just for myself but also as a gift for my gin-loving pals.

Saveur’s recipes for this Allspice and Pear Gin and Tonic seems custom designed for this gin. I prefer to sip it neat, but you might find your mileage will vary based on how much you’re in love with intense cardamom and coriander spice notes. Firstly, the name. The Gin Kin promotes responsible drinking, Secret Garden Non Alcoholic Gin Is Perfect for Sober October Participants. From a previous tasting we’d already included it on our top list of gins to pair with ginger ale.

A real spicy punch . Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. I’ve tried it with lime and also corriander but it takes over. If you’re not if Opihr Gin is for you, why not try a miniature first from Just Miniatures? Opihr is really attractively packaged and majors on its oriental theme. […]. It is truly a unique offering. Opihr Gin is warming, well balanced, easy to drink and adds variety to any gin shelf.

I quite agree with the author that for those who favor a more traditional gin and tonic, to look elsewhere. No need for anything in this just ice. The juniper is still there, and some earthiness, but the main drive is spice. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. I’d advise bartenders to try it before subbing it freely in most drinks. 5/5. Pouring yourself a sample and tasting it really does take things in a more definite direction than you might expect from the aroma. Which gin goes with elderflower tonic? It’s our favorite! On the one hand it’s distinctive, to the point that it’s the only gin I can instantly identify. If the story in Opihr Oriental Spice Gin is one of European characterization of the numerous cultures of three different continents as a single gigantic other, then let us ponder for a moment, through the lens of this gin, how disparate food cultures can be brought together as one, and that story is worth telling. There’s no doubt that this is a spicy gin and they’re not afraid to show it. That’s not a criticism of Opihr, and it certainly doesn’t try to hide those Oriental spices and flavours.

Firstly, the name. It makes truly excellent and unique cocktails if you know how to handle a more complicated product. Love it . Which gin goes with ginger ale? Rating: ★★★ 12th January 2020 However, we’d look elsewhere if you prefer floral, more delicate gins. We did prefer that to a gin and tonic using Opihr, although a suggested serve in a gin and tonic with a slice of orange as garnish also went down well. On opening the bottle, there’s a foretaste (foresmell?) But for contemporary spice-forward gin fans, here is your conundrum. It truly pushes the envelope of what gin can be. Those tassles look great on any gin shelf too. Buy from 31 Dover by clicking on the bottle image below, or buy from Amazon or Master of Malt. With it's warm, earthy and exotic spices alongside sweet citrus notes, you'll find that the bottle goes down particularly quickly during Autumn and Winter. Opihr Oriental Spiced Gin receded with a lovely warmth, echoing coriander and ginger. • whichgin tells you the best. A spiced gin classic, Opihr Gin is a must-have in any gin lover’s collection. I drank mine with Fever Tree Light Tonic and a slice of grapefruit, which is what I happened to have in the fridge at the time. Opihr Gin is a spicy gin that’s distilled by G&J Distillers. • whichgin tells you! of those spices straight away. Love this gin, but then I also like spices… Although this is nice just over ice, the best way to enjoy (imo) is with Fever Tree ginger ale – execellent flavour!1, Excellent favour gin . I didn’t care for it much in a g&t, as you said. We’d urge a little caution with any cocktails you plan for your Ophir. We’d highly recommend you try it, particularly with ginger ale, for something a little different. Quite long finish, that almost leaves the palate with a clean, faintly menthol-kissed coolness. latest report on Consumer Taste Preferences in Gin.

The botanicals in Opihr gin are inspired by the spice roots of old, which sailed from Indonesia to the UK, stopping in India, the Middle East and several European countries along the way. The heritage of Opihr gin is rooted firmly in the historical Spice Routes, where ancient traders would sail thousands of miles to transport exotic spices and botanicals from the Orient and the Middle-East to Europe. by Opihr. The overwhelming flavour is still the fragrant spiciness of the cardamom and coriander, but they don’t knock you out in the same way they do when the gin is sampled neat. Then again, it’s the only gin I’ve ever given away after opening. A great gin to try with ginger ale. Our opinion only, but we really felt that Opihr needs something a little bit more robust to work with it and really compliment those spicy notes. Although the exact location of the port is unknown, it is thought to have been a key stop for traders along the spice route. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Opihr Oriental Spiced London Dry Gin, With Hand Picked Botanicals, 70 cl 40% ABV at I get pepper first and then spice. With tonic, the gin feels more balanced, with some more citrusy notes being allowed to come through. It doesn’t take us to tell you where that spiciness comes from. This fabulously exotic look is completed with a red and gold tassel around the neck, an accessory that is fairly unique in the gin world, and matching stopper. $5 Off Next Purchase, Use code DRIZLYDEAL.

The nose is intense with cardamom and ginger, with notes of toasted cumin seed and curry powder underneath. This […], Which gin goes with lime as a garnish? As soon as you take a whiff of this gin, you are smacked in the face by cardamom. Opihr Gin review – a taste of the Orient.

And therein lies the conflict for me about Opihr Oriental Spiced Gin. Home drinkers will likely find this to be as versatile as their love of heavily spiced spirits. Not for me. In the case of the gin, it’s pronounced “o, peer!” The story that the botanicals tells is a romanticized narrative of the European/Asian spice trade, out of which the botanical accord of gin emerged from in the 15th and 16th centuries. Even the word Oriental, hints at a simpler time when all of Asia’s vast bounty (and parts of baltic/Eastern Europe and Northern Africa) was reduced to a simple “other” by Europeans. A regular Gin and Tonic I find to be a little too much ginger, coriander and cumin. What did we make of the strong berry notes in this aromatic English gin? It’s a stubby, clear glass with the logo printed boldly across the front. On first sip, the tongue is consumed by the flavours of dry coriander and cardamon, almost dominating the traditional juniper flavour that we are so used to in gin. For those who like a Gin Buck (Gin and ginger ale) – Ophir is a contender for the ideal gin choice, as its flavours carry particularly well in the mixer. I found the level of Cardamom to be overpowering.

A quick look at the botanical list, with its cubebs and black pepper, tells you all you need to know.

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