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The Texas Family Code §154.183(c)(1)-(2) states: “(c) As additional child support, the court shall allocate between the parties, according to their circumstances: The reasonable and necessary health care expenses, including vision and dental expenses, of the child that are not reimbursed by health insurance or are not otherwise covered by the amount of cash medical support ordered under Section 154.182(b)(3); and, Amounts paid by either party as deductibles or copayments in obtaining health care services for the child covered under a health insurance policy.”. Medical bills that are not covered by insurance are typically – but not always ... and Indiana sets it at 6 percent of the child-support obligation. What happens if you can’t take ALL that holiday time. Requests for reimbursement are best made on a quarterly, biannual or annual basis. The order in A.C.B. When the father in, submitted receipts for his child’s oral surgery two months after the deadline specified in the final order, the appellate court determined the trial court’s denial of father’s request for reimbursement for the surgery was. If the party who incurs an unreimbursed health care expense for a child fails to submit the bill/receipt to the other party for reimbursement within the time period specified in the order, is the other party still required to reimburse for those health care expenses for which they received untimely notice? So if you have three children, you must incur $250 per child before you can request reimbursement of expenses for that particular child. Thank you, Kevin, for the article! Insurance Status Change, Other Source Health Insurance Information, Employer Authorization for Third-Party Reporting (OAG Form 1840), Revocation for Third-Party Reporting (OAG Form 1841). pet. Why not? Father argued that mother was still responsible for reimbursement because she had a duty to support the children regardless of whether he provided notice pursuant to the decree, relying on In re A.C.B. A year after sending Father the bills, Mother files a Motion for Enforcement for a cumulative money judgment based on Father’s nonpayment of his 50% of the unreimbursed health care expenses for the child. court agreed with the San Antonio Court of Appeals in holding a trial court did not abuse its discretion in denying mother’s request for medical expense reimbursement. Father does not pay. The L.L. (discussed above). MEDICAL SUPPORT ORDER. I typically advise clients to keep a folder for each individual and to put all records related to that individual’s expenses in their folder. Furthermore, the trial court found evidence as to an actual amount was “speculative” because there were no records of visits by date or by child. Russell, Krafft & Gruber, LLP has served Lancaster County individuals and businesses since 1975. The order in. Mother and Father have one child and their Order in Suit Affecting the Parent-Child Relationship contains standard language regarding payment of unreimbursed health care expenses.

(a) The court shall render an order for the medical support of the child as provided by this section and Section 154.182 in: (1) a proceeding in which periodic payments of child support are ordered under this chapter or modified under Chapter 156;

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