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Figure 1: Wainwright, AK and Area 2018 Population Data, Figure 3: Wainwright, AK Population Change 2010 to 2018, Figure 4: Wainwright, AK 2010 to 2018 Population Percent Change, Figure 5: Wainwright, AK Population Density, Figure 7: Median Age by Gender in Wainwright, AK, Figure 8: Wainwright, AK and Area Age by Generation, Figure 9: Wainwright, AK and Area Ethnicity Makeup, Figure 10: Wainwright, AK Hispanic Population, Figure 12: Wainwright, AK Marriage Status, Figure 14: Wainwright, AK Average Family Size in Household, Figure 15: Families as % of All Households, Figure 16: Husband and Wife Families as Percent of All Families, Figure 17: Wainwright, AK Head of Household, Figure 18: Wainwright, AK Birth Rate (Last 12 months), Figure 20: Wainwright, AK Teenager Birth Rate, Figure 21: Wainwright, AK Unwed Mothers as % of All Births, Figure 22: Wainwright, AK Unwed and On Public Assitance, Figure 24: Wainwright, AK Unwed Mother Births By Age Group, Figure 25: Wainwright, AK Unwed Mother Birth Rate By Race, Figure 26: Wainwright, AK Unwed Mother Births By Poverty Level, Figure 27: Unwed Births and Education Level, Figure 30: Wainwright, AK Single People Broken Down By Reason, Figure 31: Wainwright, AK Single Men in Area, Figure 32: Wainwright, AK Single Women in Area, Figure 35: Wainwright, AK Citizenship Status, Figure 36: Citizen Place of Birth for Wainwright, AK, Figure 37: Wainwright, AK Percent of Population Foreign Born, Figure 39: Wainwright, AK Non Citizen Age Breakout, Figure 41: % Non Citizen Year of Entry into USA, Figure 43: Wainwright, AK Foreign Born People are From What Region, Figure 44: Wainwright, AK Foreign-Born World Region of Birth, Figure 45: Wainwright, AK Foreign-Born Sub-Region of Birth, Figure 46: Foreign-Born Country of People Living in Wainwright, AK, Figure 47: Foreign-Born Country for all people in the United States. Wainwright, Alaska is as large as it has ever been.

The population density in Wainwright is 4632% higher than Alaska; The median age in Wainwright is 16% lower than Alaska; In Wainwright 1.64% of the population is White; In Wainwright 0.00% of the population is Black; In Wainwright 0.00% of the population is Asian Wainwright (/ ˈ w eɪ n r aɪ t /; Ulġuniq [pronunciation?] Wainwright, Alaska is as large as it has ever been. Wainwright is an isolated little whaling town on the northern coast of Alaska.

Wainwright is a rural city located in northwest Alaska near Chukchi Sea. The city with the highest population in the area is North Slope with a population of 9,797 compares as appreciably bigger. POPULATION Wainwright's population is 513 people.

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