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d. it may difficult to repeat the testÂ, 11. Big Bang model a. Capability Maturity Model Integration A directory of Objective Type Questions covering all the Computer Science subjects. 13) Software project management is the process of managing all activities that are involved in software development, they are _____ . b. Software requirement validation 21) Which software enables the program to adequately manipulate information? d. All of the above. 16) Which classes represent data stores (e.g., a database) that will persist beyond the execution of the software? 24) If an application allows executing multiple instances of itself, they appear on the screen as separate windows are called ______ . a. It can be classified into three categories: product metrics, process metrics, and project metrics. 8) Which tools are used in implementation,testing and maintenance? list-style-type: upper-alpha; Software metrics is a standard of measure that contains many activities which involve some degree of measurement. d. Data elements.

d. None of the above. d. End users. c. Encapsulation d. None of the above. ... What are the characteristics of software? d. Technical risks. Software Maturity Index d. Quality control effectiveness. If every requirement stated in the Software Requirement Specification (SRS) has only one interpretation, SRS is said to be correct _____ . c. Measurement c. Optimized d. All of the above. b. 20. 3) SDLC is not a well-defined, structured sequence of stages in software engineering to develop the intended software product. a. Your Company wants to develop a project.

16) Which tools are helpful in all the stages of SDLC, for requirement gathering to testing and documentation? Services are typically produced and consumed simultaneously. b. 3. c. Software requirement specification

Fast Application Specification Technique 8) Who manages the effects of change throughout the software process? b. Regression testing c. Complete Cost Estimation Model.

b. Facilitated Application Software Technique. a. design For example, the in-process quality metrics of a project are both process metrics and project metrics. 315) The always growing and adapting nature of software hugely depends upon the environment in which user works in ____________ . d. Dialogue box. 44) Give the disadvantages of modularization. Object Oriented Analysis b.

a. a. b. c. Box Statistical System Data collected can be distilled into simple charts and graphs so that the managers can understand the progress and problem of the development. Scenario scripts Shuseel Baral. b. People, product, process, project a. a. Self-regulation Which of the following is not defined in a good Software Requirement Specification (SRS) document? Statement 3: Software is a logical rather than a physical system element. c. Testing. b. You are also involved in planning team. Reducing quality a. Software doesn’t “ wear out ”.

Establish the objectives and scope of the product. c. Improve the testing process. c. W5HH principle Relative Application Development. Manage Defects per KLOC Process cursor: pointer; b. e. None of the above. b. Text-Box Upper case tools Requirement engineering process Requirement Elicitation ——- a. Module Development and integration.


b. A legacy system refers to newer version of software. d) Documents that are produced by the SQA team. d. None of the above. d. Preventive maintenance. Application level Request a large budget

a. Putnam model

d. Common Aided Software Engineering. Requirements elicitation b. 47) Mention any two indirect measures of product. a. ISO 9000

c. Operations Architectural design d. Waterfall model.

Productivity can be considered as a function of the value and the cost. c. Software can be custom built or custom build. d. COmposition COst MOdel. is connected to other modules and the outside world. 17) The maximum number of objects that can participate in a relationship is called________ . Demand c. Need d. Physical object 2. c. Prototyping model 31) Alpha and Beta Testing are forms of _______ . Beta Testing

Technical risk cursor: pointer;  A product which is manufactured by using the degree of the design specification… Swim lane diagram A) Information about the application domain for the software to be built; 19) What is the project and process level that provides the Quality Metric benefit? An application is a program or group of programs, that is designed for the end-user.

c. Concatenated Loops b. 7) Refinement is actually a process of elaboration. a. d. All mentioned above. Here you can access and discuss Multiple choice questions and answers for various compitative exams and interviews. d. 1,3 and 4.

c. Testing b. we cannot automate the user input values Random paradigm Determine the test technique to be employed Budget b. Functionality d. Inheritance. Software is developed or engineered; it is not manufactured in the classical sense. Prioritize testing in an attempt to find critical defects as early as possible. c. Software Requirements Diagram d. None of the above. a. Time b. Analyze Box Structure Specification

2) If they are valid and as per functionality and domain of software d. Capability Model Maturity Instructions, ANSWER: Capability Maturity Model Integration. Process classes c. Detailed design b. c. Maintenance Smaller components are easier to maintain In this section of Software Engineering – Software Project Management.It contain Software Project Management Concepts MCQs (Multiple Choice Questions Answers).All the MCQs (Multiple Choice Question Answers) requires in depth reading of Software Engineering Subject as the hardness level of MCQs have been kept to advance level.These Sets of Questions are very helpful in Preparing for … b. User documentation c. Embedded software b. Waterfall model Software project tracking and control c. Object Oriented Analysis and Design b. Pattern-based design b. b. Waterfall Model The most common application software is used by millions every day and includes: Microsoft suite of products (Office: MS-Word, MS-Excel, MS-PowerPoint, MS-Outlook, etc.) 35) The tools that support different stages of software development life cycle are called _______ . 19) Which of the following cannot be applied with the software according to Software Engineering Layers? c. People, product, performance, project c. V-model c. Corrective Statement 2: Computer software is the product that software engineers design and build. c. GUI design & implementation a) Audits and reviews to be performed by the team hide bad news from the project team members until things improve. c. Practical-type c. Detailed design 313) Which may be estimated either in terms of KLOC (Kilo Line of Code) or by calculating number of function points in the software? d. Component-level design. 3. c. Verifiable b. Precondition Requirements analysis Both A & B c. Memory leaks. Defect amplification b. Integration testing 320) Which metrics are derived by normalizing quality and/or productivity measures by considering the size of the software that has been produced? Then we try to establish empirically predictive theories to support quality assurance, quality control, and quality prediction. a. Capability Model Maturity Integration c. Detailed design Scope management a. c. Calculus

Select what is the primary objective of formal technical reviews to find during the process so that after the release of the software they do not become the defect…  a. Big Bang model b. Here you can access and discuss Multiple choice questions and answers for various compitative exams and interviews. d. Recent Application Development. 3) Which SDLC activity does the user initiates the request for a desired software product? b. 5. Which of the following is not included in prevention cost? b.

Answer Explanation ANSWER: All mentioned above. ANSWER: Constructive Cost Estimation Model. b. execution d. 1-b , 2-c , 3-a , 4-d. 301) Which one of these belongs to integration testing in the OO context? c)both and b. d)all of the above Different possible components of a productivity model can be expressed in the following diagram. a. ANSWER: Statement 2 and 3 and 4 are correct. Project managers The management subsystem This section includes MCQ questions on the characteristics of software development strategies, life cycle model and risk reduction model. d. None of the above. d. Organizational stability. c. Project estimation Software Requirement Specification d. Quantitatively Managed. 7) Which documentation works as a key tool for software designer, developer and their test team is to carry out their respective tasks? 2) Decide its verification and control b. Penetrates the listener

a. a. The use of a variable before it has been defined. 4. d. All mentioned above. 2) Database capabilities Most quality models include reliability as a component factor, however, the need to predict and measure reliability has led to a separate specialization in reliability modeling and prediction. d. Black box testing. c. Maintenance.

4) Verify the scope. d) none of the mentioned, 7. b. Project metrics describe the project characteristics and execution. Classes 25) If the objects focus on the problem domain, then we are concerned with ______. b.

c. CAQE tools White box testing a. Spiral model. Here we measure the structural attributes of representations of the software, which are available in advance of execution. b. a. a. b) auditing functions, 5. Which of the following is not included in prevention cost?

Acceptance testing 41) Which project is undertaken as a consequence of a specific customer request? b. Software is developed or engineered; it is not manufactured in the classical sense.

a. b. d. Set of programs, ANSWER: Programs + documentation + operating procedures.

4. a. c. Behavioural elements d. Radio-Button. Black box testing a. d. None of the above. 9. Answer - Click Here:c b. 15) Which tools are used in Implementation, Testing and Maintenance?

c. Activity diagram

Resources expended b.

c. Most maintenance engineers are newbie and use trial and error method to rectify problem. Product metrics describe the characteristics of the product such as size, complexity, design features, performance, and quality level. 18) First level of prototype is evaluated by ______ . CAME tools 19) Which of the items listed below is not one of the software engineering layers? Learn C programming, Data Structures tutorials, exercises, examples, programs, Database, Software, Data Mining, MCQs. 30) Which plan describes how the skills and experience of the project team members will be developed ? c) test equipment reviews b.

MCQ: Unit-I: Introduction to Services marketing 1. b. Text-box b.

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